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Keys for Kids Program

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play piano, the Keys for Kids method has made it as easy, fun and inviting as possible.

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About Marina

Marina has been teaching private piano lessons for over 20 years and Keys for Kids groups for 15 years.

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Our Lessons

The students are combined into small groups appropriate to their age and experience. From day one they read pitches and rhythms, receive ear training, and play instruments.

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How to enroll

You can start any time. Registration is accepted year-round on a rolling basis. Learn more how to register.

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Group Keys for Kids lessons

A fun way for beginners to gain a solid foundation in basic musical concepts and skills. 

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are recommended for continuing students to further develop performing skills.

What Parents Say…

I enrolled my sons ages 5 and 8 in Marina’s private and group piano lessons. I have been able to observe every class that they take and can see what a kind, patient and nurturing teacher Marina is. She has an ability to draw kids in and get them excited about piano as well as music as a whole. It has been incredibly rewarding watching my sons race to the piano at home to do their homework or just play for fun. Marina came to me highly recommended and I can see why!– Masha Yatskar
The course exceeded my expectations, not in Adam’s ability to play, but in our new understanding of music. It seems, the kids (especially boys) really enjoyed the flash card games. We look forward to resuming piano in the fall. I would definitely recommend the course to all. – Kris and Adam Sheffer
Mrs.Gorny and the Keys For Kids Program go beyond ordinary piano lessons. This is real musical education with intense piano instruction. The sophistication of the piano pieces advances at a pace that is swift enough to surprise the students with their new-found ability. The children learn to read music and become familiar with a meaningful array of musical concepts. They shed their shyness and come to enjoy calling out answers and volunteering to play solos. This new ability carries over into school and social situations. Being included in the class helps the parents keep up and be of real assistance during practice at home. Mrs. Gorny makes it fun and competitive in a positive way. Children really want to practice every day just so that they can tell Mrs. Gorny that they have done so when she asks them. The children always have a good time and enjoy each others’ company. Our daughter loves the lessons and we believe her love for the piano will continue to grow as she continues to learn. We are very grateful for these superior classes and cannot thank Mrs. Gorny enough. – Jim and Rachel Devlin
My three children have been students of Marina’s in her group-based and private classes. Under Marina’s teaching, my children’s piano skills and passion for playing has grown immensely. Marina sets up a warm and caring learning environment, with a best-practice approach for teaching and learning piano playing. Each of my children love returning to her each week.– Daphne Koinis Mitchell
Since last October, my kindergartner has been a part of the Keys for Kids program. Keys for Kids is a terrific introduction to reading music and playing the keyboard. One day a week, a group of children meets in the music room. The kids learn musical terms and proper keyboard technique, and the games they play make learning about music a lot of fun! Parents are encouraged to join their children for the lessons. At the end of each session, the children put on a performance for their families. I’ve had two kids complete the program, and both thoroughly enjoyed it. At the “graduation” performance, each of them was quite proud to play his selections and take his bows. I feel it was a very positive experience for my children and for me. I would recommend Keys for Kids to anyone.– Donna Dempsher
Keys for Kids is a wonderful all-around music program in which my two girls, starting at age 5, have learned to read music, to listen to music with greater appreciation, and to play piano both from written music and by ear. The classes are fun and full of different activities including music games and dancing, all of which require parental participation. Marina is an excellent teacher who keeps the kids interested with her energetic character and ensures that they are learning as much as possible with occasional stern reminders of the need to practice accompanied by a generous reward program. This has helped my children learn self discipline and experience the joy of accomplishment as well as learning music skills. I would highly recommend the program.– Laura K. Aguilar
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