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Exams and Recitals

  • Each level of group courses completes with End-of-course graduation class.
  • All individual students participate in Spring recitals held at Yury’s Pianos in Newton. In addition, they are encouraged to take part in annual National Auditions, organized through American College of Musicians and held in June.

Philosophy and Attitude 

Our goal is to provide students with fundamental musical concepts and skills which they will be able to apply through their whole life. The program is tuned to the specific developmental stages of children and ensures active participation for all students. From day one they read pitches and rhythms, receive ear training, and play instruments. Creativity and self-expression are always strongly encouraged.

About the method

The “Keys for Kids” method was created by Inga Magid, an experienced music educator*. Our students acquire skills vital for musicianship through patterns, “building blocks”, similar to language acquisition or reading. Lessons are highly structured. Activities change every few minutes, ranging from rhythm band to keyboard ensemble to playing solo. The keyboard provides a perfect medium for grasping all three elements of music: melody, harmony and rhythm.

* To learn more about the method and its author, visit her “Keys for Kids” website [ ].

Parental attendance

Parents/caregivers attend weekly classes with their children. With parental involvement, students have a support system at home, they are encouraged to practice, and are more likely to continue their musical studies. As a parent/caregiver you do not need to know music when you come here with your child, but please have an active interest.

Make-up lessons

If your child misses a class, the homework will be emailed to you. At the discretion of the teacher, the child may be offered a private make-up lesson.


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Words from Parents

My three children have been students of Marina’s in her group-based and private classes. Under Marina’s teaching, my children’s piano skills and passion for playing has grown immensely. Marina sets up a warm and caring learning environment, with a best-practice approach for teaching and learning piano playing. Each of my children love returning to her each week.– Daphne Koinis Mitchell
I enrolled my sons ages 5 and 8 in Marina’s private and group piano lessons. I have been able to observe every class that they take and can see what a kind, patient and nurturing teacher Marina is. She has anability to draw kids in and get them excited about piano as well as music as a whole. It has been incredibly rewarding watching my sons race to the piano at home to do their homework or just play for fun. Marina came to me highly recommended and I can see why!– Masha Yatskar
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